Horn's Africa Safaris Information & Need to Know


Africa’s climate is generally sunny and warm/pleasant in spring and autumn. Early and late in the year, November to March can be hot with temperatures reaching as high as 104°F, with frequent rains to cool things down. The mid-year winter is cool with occasional frost.

Hunting season:

A basic medical kit is always at hand and in every hunting vehicle. Telephone and radio communication are available in case of emergency. Some safari areas are high malaria risk areas – consult your doctor prior to your travel for the necessary precautions.

It is recommended to always carry copies of your travel documents with you and leave personal / important / valuable items with your outfitter for safekeeping in a designated safe.

Customs, visas and insurance:

Customs clearance is operative at your port of entry into all various safari countries. Please advise us or your travel agent for detailed info and requirements for each country. Insurance on personal effects, luggage and medical evaluation is recommended.

Arms and ammunition:

Import and export permits are needed for all firearms. Assistance with permits is available. A minimum caliber of 375 or higher is recommended for big game and dangerous game. For a medium game the 300 and 30-06 calibers are sufficient. Hunters should bring both soft and solid point ammunition.

A good quality scope with variable power (1.5-6×40) is recommended. A soft case for your rifle is required for transportation on safari vehicles. Bow hunting is welcome and a great challenge.

What to pack:

  • Lightweight clothing in cotton and linens in dark and natural colours;
  • Comfortable walking shoes;
  • Long and short trousers;
  • A light and medium weight jacket;
  • Hat, sunglasses, camera, flashlight and binoculars;
  • Personal toiletries and medication (if chronic medications are taken);
  • Sunscreen, raincoat and ammo belt;
  • Trophy tags;
  • We provide laundry service every day.


Your trophies will be marked salted and field prepared prior to being sent to the taxidermist.

Packing, dipping and shipping of trophies:

Import and export permits are required for cities animals where applicable. Please contact us for queries about permits and areas. Field preparation of trophies are done in camp and transported to a shipping agent. Clients will be put in contact with a recommended shipping agent to discuss final options/requirements and payment prior to shipping trophies to destinations outside the country of Africa.

Terms and conditions:

50% Deposit is required to confirm hunting dates and the full balance of trophies required 60 days prior to the hunt. Should we not be successful in hunting any of your required trophies, trophy fees associated with those animals will be refunded in full. In the event of your safari being canceled less than 6 months prior to the commencement of the hunt, the deposit will be forfeited in full. All animals taken or wounded will be assumed “harvested” and included in the detailed breakdown of animals harvested during the hunts period. All costs associated with these animals will be due, even if an animal is not recovered.

Please contact us for all prices on packages. We will tailor make any package and hunt to suit your personal requirements and needs. We will gladly put any quotation together for you on the country and species of game you would like to hunt.